Northern funds sell medicine liquor, buy Yuan universe, lithium battery concept (with stock)

On November 18th, the size index shocked, and the Shanghai point decreased, and the deep fingers decreased, and the GEM declined.

The two cities totally sold trillion, and the 20th consecutive trading day exceeded trolley.

On the surface, Salt Lake lithium and military two high-spirited raceways have led two cities, cultivate diamonds, green electricity, steel and other plates to rise. Cloud game, Yuan Cosmic concept, NMN concept, consumer electronics and other plates The forefront.

According to the 21 investment (micro-signal ID: touzit21) intelligent monitoring, November 18, the north is sold to the funds, of which the Shanghai stock is net selling billion yuan, and the Shenzhen stock will sell 100 million yuan. In the addition of the material industry, reduce the medical manufacture from the net buying amount, the north has increased 33 industries, of which the material industry is head, the net buying amount is 100 million yuan, followed by the transportation logistics industry, net buying 100 million yuan.

Northern funds have been reduced by 67 industries, including the most medical manufacturing, net selling amount to billion yuan, followed by a wine industry, net selling billion yuan.

Net bought into the latter share of Yulian, net selling Hengrui Medical Delivery billion, north to the net buying Yuan Cosmic concept stocks (), SF holding (), Ningde era (), Huichuan Technology () , Shengshi Electromechanical () is in front, among them, Luier shares have been purchased in 100 million yuan. SF Holdings are net to buy hundreds of millions. Ningde Times was net to buy 100 million yuan, Huichuan Technology was net to buy 100 million yuan, crystal Shengmao was net to buy 100 million yuan.

Northern fund is net selling Hengrui Medicine (), Wuliang Liquid (), Spiritual Media (), China Ping An (), SAGA Group (), in front, among them, Hengrui Medicine was sold to billion yuan, Wuliangye was net selling billions Yuan, the vagada media was sold to 100 million yuan, China Ping An was sold by the net, and the SAIC Group was sold by the net.

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