No. 1, don’t leave the judge

Binhai New District Court expansion online service. Binhai New District People’s Court for Tuha New District Court tried to tried the "Community Microcatroy" mechanism in November last year, and the zero-distance provided conflict of conflicts, assistance, public law preaching, pre-judgment risk and other services.

Residents can not only participate in the legal lecture, watching the trial, but also consult the judge, solve difficult things and trouble at home.

Since the implementation of the mechanism, 441 communities in the jurisdiction of Binhai New District are fully covered, the party members of the whole department have a sinking community, regular round value community microctrial. "The court is limited, unable to live in the community, we pass the Bin Life Zhizhi system, the expansion line service, fully establish the effective docking mechanism of the online platform and the online supporting facilities, providing the masses with more intelligent and convenient litigation and law services, Providing a wisdom solution platform for community grid rule of law. Judge, appointment judge online interactive mediation or sinking community, participating in the community microclatrice online guidance.

The masses of online solutions can also be given through the system’s social evaluation and sugges function feedback, and will not mediate solutions will enter the proceedings according to the people’s willingness.

The case of the courter, Zhou Kai, will be called to the Hujiayuan Street site to mediate the dispute between residents and property companies.

The contradiction between the two sides has long been, due to dissatisfied property companies, more than 1,700 households in Bin Rui garden have refused to pay for the property costs and even eruptions in property companies.

Zhou Kaicai went deep into the community, actually surveys the community environment, visiting the community owners and property companies, and both parties understand the focus of disputes. The relevant person in charge of the Binhai New District Court took the lead, specializing in many joints jointly participated by the judicial office, the neighborhood committee, the business committee representative and property company, and successfully resolved the dispute. In 2021, the Rui Garden property payment rate was 92%.

"If there is no active investigation of contradictions, resolve disputes before, more than 1,700 lawsuits submitted to the court, and the pressure can be imagined.

Zhou Kai said.

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