Online line singing on the party building "theme song"

Original title: Online line singing the party building "theme song" ["Two schools and" learning education] "Two schools" Since study and education, China Construction Bank Wanzheng Party Organization, more than 200,000 party members Move the "two studies and one" classroom to the line, move into the red education base, and earnestly grasp the study and education often, integrate daily.

  Establishing "Two Learning and One" learning education column in the portal, electronic communication screen regularly releases "two learning and one" learning education information, using the WeChat platform to create "micro-party class" … CCB adhere to the "two learning one" classroom On the line, play the network media accurate push, direct audience, easy to learn, share shortcut, etc., carefully create multi-channel, multi-load, three-dimensional online learning class, and promote learning education to form a normal state.

CCB’s branches actively organize "online publicity" to make "micro-album", vividly showcase learning education scenes; promote "micro-reporting", through the "picture" "graphic", etc., the grassroots party organization learning education and party story Text report. At the same time, CCB also innovates "online supervision", developed the "three sessions and one lesson" online display map, with Red Star Logo, the grassroots party organization is located, and the grasslite is slow to show that the grassroots party organization carries out "three sessions and one lesson" Activity, more intuitive presentation of the "three sessions and one lesson" situation.

  CCB moved the "two studies" in the classroom into the red educational base and launched "red education".

At the China Jinggangshan Cadre College, CCB held a multi-party training class of the party’s party spiritual education class, the head of the grassroots party organization, and the grassroots party work backbones "two studies" learning education and party spirit education demonstration training class, through the on-site teaching, special Teaching, experience teaching and interview teaching, etc., to carry out revolutionary traditional education and achieve good results.

CCB organizes party members and enters the party to actively go to the Shuyang County Fang Zhi Min Memorial Memorial Memorial Hall, and to the Shandong Linyi East China Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery to understand the history of revolutionary history. Revision to the Yimeng Red Education Base Relive to the party’s oath, go to Xiboho to carry out party sex education, and organize Taking the theme of the road and other themes such as the road, guiding party members to inherit the "red gene" and carry forward "red tradition".

  CCB adheres to the development of transformation and development of "two learning and one" to promote the development of transformation and development strategic objectives as the main ruler of learning and education results of "two students." The establishment of the eight sects of the eight sectors of the eight sectors of the party members, and the eight-level branches, etc. , Help the goal of transforming development. Up to now, CCB has established a party member responsible zone, a model window, and the party member first ponggong, a demonstration.

"In the development of CCB, on the road, each party member is the protagonist, which is the tide of aggressiveness.

Wang Hongzhang, secretary of the Party Committee of China Construction Bank.

(Reporter Water) (Editor: Huang Wei, Cheng Hongyi).

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