Notice!Railway operation Figure 11 adjustment more train strokes

People’s Daily News (Yuan Zigong) from Shijiazhuang Railway Station, from Shijiazhuang Railway Station, the railway department will adjust the train operation map, after the map, Shijiazhuang Station will handle 505 passenger traffic trains, of which Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail 311Column, Shiji high-speed rail 78 columns, universal train 116 columns.Shijiazhuang North Station handles passenger service passenger train 68 columns.

The specific adjustment is as follows: (1) Add 1 column.

1.Shijiazhuang – Beijing West, the train is G6722 times.(2) Change the train 1 column.

1.Beijing West – Shijiazhuang G8907 times changed to G6719 times.(3) Change the operation section 4 pairs.

1.Beijing West ~ Hankou G511 / G524 operation section is adjusted to Beijing West ~ Zhangjiajie West, the train is changed to G689 / G690 times.

2.Xi’an North ~ Beijing West G656 / G665 running section is adjusted to Hanzhong ~ Beijing West.3.Jiamusi ~ Shijiazhuang G1239 / G1240 operation section is adjusted to double duck Shanxi ~ Shijiazhuang.

4.Jinan ~ Yining Z357 / Z358 running section is shortened to Jinan ~ Urumqi.

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