Olympic evening broadcast, China delegation added 3 gold 1 silver 2 copper ping feathers strong promotion

Lead: On July 28th, China Sports delegation continued to play a good song, then add 3 gold 1 silver 2 copper, rowing women’s four-person scull, diving men’s double 3 meter plate and weightlifting men’s 73 kg level strong winning, showSuper strength of Chinese sports athletes.

In this competition, Chinese players also have multi-line attacks, making very excellent results, especially in table tennis and badminton stadiums, the momentum is like rain.

China Sports Delegation Rowing Women’s Four Paddle Finals, China Combination Chen Yunxia / Zhang Ling / Lu Yang / Cui Xiaotong takes 6 minutes 05 seconds 13, refreshes the world’s best results, and won the project gold medal! Polish combination 6 minutes 11 seconds 36 won silver medal, Australia 6 minutes and 12 seconds 08 get bronze medals. Rowing men’s double double paddle finals, China combination Liu Zhiyu / Zhang Liang played excellent, winning a bronze medal at 6 minutes and 03 seconds 63, and made a bronze medal, and achieves a breakthrough of the Chinese Rowing Team. French combination won the gold medal of the project, the Netherlands combined with a silver medal.

Diving men’s double 3 meter, after 6 rounds, China combination Wang Zongyuan / Xie Si won the championship with total split! This is also the third gold medal harvested at this Olympic Games in this Olympic Games. The United States combination Carboby Anko / Hickson has a total of total scores, and Germany has a bronze medal in Germany.

Weightlifting men’s 73 kg class A finals, Chinese players Shi Zhiyong take 166 kilograms, tenant from 198 kg and total score 364 kg to win gold medals, seize, quite, total scores have created the Olympic record, while catching through the world record, quite a flat World record, the total score creates a new world record! This is also the fourth gold medal that China’s weightlifting team won in the Tokyo Olympics.

Gymnastics men’s all-round finals, Chinese players Xiao Ruitang won the runner-up, Japanese player bridge Breakfast won the championship, and the Russian Olympic team player Nagore won the quarter, and another Chinese player Sun Hao got the fourth place.

Three basketball women’s team bronze medal battle, the Chinese women’s team defeated the French team at 16:14 and won the bronze medal. The US team won the gold medal, Russia harvest silver medals.

Swimming projects conduct a number of games. Women’s 200m Free Swimming Finals, Chinese players Yang Wei won the fourth place in 1 minute 55 seconds 01. Women’s 200-m mixed swimming finals, Chinese players Yu Yiting get the fifth place in 2 minutes and 09 seconds 57.

Women’s 1500-meter free swimming finals, Chinese player Wang Ji Jia went to the fourth place in 15 minutes and 46 seconds 37.

Women’s 200m and Butterfly Seminger Semi-finals, Chinese players Zhang Yuxi ranked 2 minutes and 04 seconds 89 results rankings and total results first, another Chinese player Yu Li Yu ranked third, the total score fifth, two people join hands to advance the finals.

女子4×200米自由泳接力预赛,由汤慕涵\张一璠\董洁和李冰洁组成的中国队游出了7分48秒98的优秀成绩,晋级决赛。 男子200米个人混合泳预赛,汪顺以1分57秒42排名第七进入半决赛。 女子200米蛙泳预赛,于静瑶游出了2分23秒17,排名第八进入了半决赛。 男子200米仰泳预赛,徐嘉余游出1分57秒76,总成绩排名第15,晋级半决赛。

Women’s 100m freestyle preliminaries, Yang Wei swims 53 seconds 02, the total score is eightth, advanced to the semi-final. Badminton conducts multiple single games.

Guiyu two pairs of mixed double combination, Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yuli / Huang Dongping are directly taking opponents in 2: 0 points, double-double promotion. Women’s singles group, Chinese players He Ice Jiao 2: 0 lightly take the Iranian player Solaia, advance to the top 16; Chen Yuxi also defeated Turkish players in Turkhan in 2: 0, directly advanced to top 8. Men’s single group match, defending champion Xiaolong also 2: 0 to defeat Spanish players Awei, advance to Top 16.

Table tennis women’s singles 1/4 final competition

The pair of semi-finals is: Chen Meng vs in the dream rain, Ito Meicheng vs Sun Yusha. The men’s singles 8 also ended, and China’s players Fan Zhendong, Marorn, and China Taipei Xiaoyuan Lin Yu and German players Ochalov advanced.

The pair of men’s single semi-finals is: Fan Zhendong vs Lin Yu, Ochalov VS Malone.

Archery individual competition, men’s personal 1/16 knockout, Chinese player Li Jialun 6: 4 defeated Belgian player YANO DESMET to advance the next round; Wang Dapeng 5: 6 Do not escape Malaysia players, regret the bureau.

Women’s personal 1/16 knockout, Chinese player Wu Jiaxin takes 6: 2 to overcome British players Sara Bate Benrett.

Wu Jiaxin, who has played super stability, and got 7 10 rings.

Another Chinese player Long Xiaofeng 0: 6 Do not escape the US player McKunzi, regret the bureau.

Women’s Water Ball Group B Group: The Chinese Women’s Waterball Team defeated the host Japanese team at 16:11, ending two joints, giving the Olympics first victory.

Judo Women’s 70kg grade 32 strong knockout, Chinese player Sun Xiaoqian was taken out of the Olympic Stadium by Greek players Telz Duo.

Other important competitions, men’s football team, the third round of the men’s football team: Japan 4: 0 victory in France, advance to the first identity of the group; South Korea 6: 0 victory in Hongdu Las, the same team is advanced; German team 1: 1 Ping Condi The final ranking group is third, burst out of the game; Spain 1: 1 Ping Argentina, advanced from the team’s head name, ranked third in Argentina, was eliminated. The badminton men’s singles team explodes the big cold door, the number of heads, the host, the main player, Taizhen, the last group, 0 ratios, no enemy Korean players Xu Wei Xi, 1 win 1 loss of his ranking group second no line. Seven people rugby men finals, Fiji team defeated the New Zealand team, defending success. This is the Fiji Rugby National Team to win in the emerging Olympics in the emerging Olympics.

Diving Male Double 3m Board Finals, the Russian Olympic team combines the last hop, the difficult coefficient is high, and there is a major mistake, and no regrets get 0 points.

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