Notice!Can you make a stay at night?It takes 1 week to restore 1 week.

When it comes to the night, many people will think of sleeping late, sleeping like this.

In fact, these are about the misunderstanding of staying up late.

In fact, it is not sleeping late, it is called staying up late, and it is not a healthy sleep.

The factors that determine the quality of sleep are 1 biological clock 2 sleep self-balance, that is, once to break the sleep law and sleep, it is only a staying night.

Can you make a reach back to the night? There are research shows that you didn’t sleep one night, with an average of about a week, learning and memory level can be restored to the pre-night state.If you often stay up late, it is really hard to make up.Original title: Can you make it back up late?It takes 1 week before staying up late to recover.

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