Old mother addighed dating software and many times to see users

The police conducted the mother and daughter of Li, and the convenience of providing people, they also hood many temptations. Slightly not paying attention, it will be easy to install themselves. Two days ago, a mother-in-law who lived in Shapingba, who was in the network, and many times from home, triggered the conflict of family. On the evening of August 1, the Shapingba police received a policeman (pseudonym) alarm from the residents of a community, saying that his mother should leave home. After the police rushed to the scene, they first appease the mood of both parties and learned in detail.

It turned out that Ms. Li was busy working in the work, and she went to the master city from the hometown to take care of her children.

Ms. Li bought a smartphone for the mother, convenient for daily contacts, but recently, she found that the mother was obsessed with the mobile phone, often "machine is not separated".

  At first, Ms. Li did not care too much.

On the day of July, Ms. Li just gave the mother a few thousand yuan as a living fee. The mother claimed to go out to buy vegetables until it came back very late. I can’t contact her.

After the mother came back, Ms. Li was surprised to find that the mother not only applied nail polish, but also made a makeup. After carefully, he knew that the mother had been playing mobile phone dating software, and the netizen who met a live broadcast room, two people talk about it joyous.

Recently, the netizen said that there is a star in the fans, and the mother invited Ms. Li to participate in the fans together on the same day.

  On the morning of August 1st, the old mother was alone in the morning, and the netizens met with netizens. It is not yetforeoned that they will not see each other in the afternoon.

Seeing the mother so obsessed, Ms. Li persuaded that the mother didn’t believe in netizens, the mother also vibrated the word, the two sides were arguing, Ms. Li had to ask the police.

  After the police patiently persuasion, Ms. Li realized his mistake and said that it will not be addicted to the Internet in the future. Chongqing Morning News · Upstream Journalist Tan Yao (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei).

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