O’Kek’s poisonous strains have appeared at at least 38 countries and regions

After the variant new crown virus O’Kek, the Tiri speciry is listed as a "need to pay attention to", it is only two weeks to spread in many countries. Maria Fankelkhof, the head of WHO, recently said that the "trace" of O’Kek’s poisonous straw has spread throughout the world’s 6 regions, with a total of 38 national and regional reports found that the poison Strain infection case.

Some experts said that the actual dissemination of O’Kek’s poison strains may exceed the regions where the report has been reported.

On November 9th, South Africa was first tested from the case sample from the case sample, and the discovery of the WHO reported from WHO on the 24th. On the 26th of the same month, WHO named the O’Kek poison strain, and it is a variant strain that "needs attention".

In addition to the report of Austus, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana and Zimbabwe, etc. African countries have found the infection cases of the strains.

While O’Kek’s poison is found in Africa, it also sneaked into Europe and spread rapidly.

Belgium is the earliest report to discover the European countries of O’Kyo infection.

Subsequently, European countries such as Italy, Germany, Netherlands also reported that the strains were discovered.

In addition, a hospital in Madrid, Spain, was also confirmed on November 29, November 29, was also confirmed in the country’s first case of O’Kek’s poison infection. The British Health Safety Authority confirmed on December 5th, with 86 cases of O’Kek’s infection in the UK, and 246 cases of drug infection have been found. Some infections found in the UK did not have a near-term travel history, which means that the community dissemination of O’Kek’s poison strains has emerged. The Russian Federation Consumer Rights Protection and the Public Welfare Supervision Bureau said on December 6 that Russia first discovered two cases of O’Kek’s infection.

Although many countries and regions have implemented border management measures, including travel ban, it prevents O’Kek’s poison strains from spreading, but this poison is still spreading to more countries.

Canada announced on November 28 that in the case of Ottawa, the capital, two cases of O’Kek’s infection, which is the first batch of infections found by the country.

US December 1st was found in San Francisco in California, found a diagnosis case of the O’Kek poison strain. US Disease Control and Prevention Center data shows that as of 5, at least 16 states have reported on the infection cases of O’Kek.

In addition, some countries in Asia, South America and Oceania have also discovered the "trace" of Okek. To date, WHO did not receive a case report from the associated Otcock strain.

There is no systematic research data in the global poisonous force, pathogenicity, secondary infection risk and immunization.

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