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At present, my country is entering a new stage of development in digitally highlighted features.

In this new stage of high quality development, the people’s demands have increased by the safety, and the people live in peace and business, social stability, and the national long rules and benefits become the inevitable requirements for building socialist modern countries.At the same time, due to the deep complex changes in the development environment at home and abroad, our country is more obvious, and the risk of high risk, challenge overlay is more country is one of the most serious countries in the world. There are many types of disasters, widely distributed, high frequency, resulting in loss, which is a basic national condition.At the same time, there are more increasing factors that have hidden dangers and security risk interleaving, and susceptible to safety risk, affect public safety.

Strengthen emergency management system and capacity building, is both an urgent task and a long-term task.

Digitalization is one of the main directions of the world’s development, seizing the opportunity to build a new technology revolution, digital China, and smart societies are an important trend in my country’s economic and social development. In the face of new risks and challenges, we must rely on the support of digital technology, accelerate the digital transformation of the emergency management system, to address and address new problems in digital era. Using the new generation of information technology to improve emergency management capabilities with the new generation of information technology represented by Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, which brings great and far-reaching economic development, social governance, and people’s lives. Impact, greatly enhanced people’s information acquisition and perception in the world, providing powerful weapons for responding to various emergencies. The application of new sensing equipment can provide new information collection capabilities in various fields such as safe production, food, health, natural disasters, and improve risk sensation sensitivity, enhance emergency monitoring and early warning capabilities.

On this basis, using cloud computing technology for automatic aggregation, recognition, association, integration, large data analysis and application of various data resources, can effectively find the focus of monitoring, and strengthen security risk investigation in key industries. Real-time monitoring, dynamic analysis, enhance multi-disaster-stricken and disaster chain comprehensive monitoring, risk early identification and forecasting warning capabilities.

Through construction of emergency management information network highways, horizontal can connect to earthquakes, fire, forests, and Weijian and other related emergency rescue information channels, longitudinally open the information transfer link of emergency management agencies at all levels of provinces, municipalities and counties. Sharing sharing, enhanced directive decision-making capacity, constructs "all-domain coverage, comprehensive integration, and whole process" emergency command system.

By establishing a disaster rescue practical platform, large data, intelligent auxiliary decision-making, etc. Adjustment, accelerate emergency response, improve emergency rescue actual combatability. Relying on the new generation of information technology to construct a digital emergency industry ecosystem as my country’s industrialization and information development, my country’s emergency industry has achieved impressive achievements, from more than ten years ago, it can’t find it, it is not easy to use. ", Developed to the complete industrial system today, developing basic materials such as flashlight, tents to the digital, intelligent equipment, and emergency industries have reached trillion, and the important material foundation and technology of my country’s public safety system has been built. support. However, there is still a short board in some key equipment technology. Some high-end safety equipment markets are still blank, difficult to cope with some major, new, difficult emergencies, and need to break through core key technologies, develop my country’s autonomous emergency equipment.

At the same time, from the perspective of the new champion of the new crown, in the early days of the epidemic, we have also experienced a block of masks, protective clothing, etc., and the huge manufacturing capacity is difficult to transform into effective materials supply capabilities.

Therefore, the emergency industry should comply with the trend of a new round of global scientific revolution and industrial change, promote the depth integration of artificial intelligence, robots, new generation technology and emergency industries, increase research and development innovation, improve the technology level and technical level of emergency industries, and improve Service capabilities and quality of relevant enterprises and institutions. At the same time, it should also increase the cultivation of scientific and technological talents, accelerate the integration of production and education, and cultivate the integration of the actual demand to cultivate the development of my country’s emergency industry, speeding up high-level innovation, promoting communication, communication, interdisciplinary cooperation .

City smart city with digital emergency management to build more smart and safe and safe, is a new idea and new model in today’s world urban development, and is also an important part of digital China.

While agglomerating resources, the city also exposes risk hazards, dense population, frequent activities, high production intensity, and great impact of various disaster accidents, endangering people’s safety and social stability.

Therefore, in urban development, accelerated urban emergency management innovation, and improve the ability to respond to public crisis significance. From the perspective of urban burst of urban burst, it is generally facing major challenges with high frequency, high frequency, strong chain, and huge losses.

Since last year, the new crown epidemic has ravaged worldwide. In the early days of the outbreak of the epidemic, a round of pressure testing in my country’s urban emergency management capacity, exposed some of our short boards in the construction of urban emergency management system.

The innovation of new generation information technology has strongly supported the prevention and control of the epidemic, making us win the anti-control of this epidemic prevention and control. Develop digital economy, promote new intelligence urban construction, has become a strategic choice for modern cities to actively adapt and lead the new normal development of economic development, reshape urban development, and seize the highlights of competitiveness. In our entire construction of socialist modern countries in my country, the city will also be the focus of our construction and development. We should deeply understand the new mission of the city, actively establish digital emergency management system and ability, and promote urban acceleration from informationization to intelligence. Go to wisdom, constantly moving on new stairs.

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