Northeast China Revitalization 2021 Alibaba’s Great Wars Global Challenge Northeast Sai District Finals Successfully

The event is started. Alibaba Innovation Center · Changchun Yita Competition invited domestic first-line investors, expert scholars, investment institutions, executives, and double-centched tutors, and use the on-site reply to position, product Service innovation, team competitiveness, development potential, road performance 5 dimensional evaluation of the competition project.

Finally, Joining Technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd.-Jurifance Magistracy Cloud Experience and Case Search System Project Standfell, Winning First Prize, Hangzhou Yisheng Data Technology Co., Ltd. – Waste City Resource Information SaaS Platform Project, Jilin Province Wings Kai Fei Technology Co., Ltd. – UAV 24/7 wisdom platform won the second prize, Xiaobai Intelligent Technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd.-Based on the big data and the auxiliary robot of the AI ??algorithm, the white-handed project, Jilin Xinrui network information security Ltd. In addition to the first prize and the winner of the winner, the competition has also established a 4 major single prize.

Ai Ou Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. – Smart Safety Integrated Management Platform Project Wishes the Best Performance Award, Medie Billion Education Technology Co., Ltd. – Mediens – Science and Technology Innovative Talents Cultivate the "Encutor" project to achieve the best innovation prize, Jilin Province Ivan Devil Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.-3D Model Manufacturing Ecological Chain – Digital Sculpture Solution Service Platform Project Getting the Best Popularity Award, JR Modern Age – One "Disc" in Hand, Financial Worry – One-stop Development and Service The project won the best team award.

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